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Formed in 1985, Environmental Systems Distributing (ESD) has established a firm track record as water quality specialists. Owner Steve Harrison has been a water treatment professional for over 40 years and is well versed in matters of drinking water quality and treatment. We stand ready to advise customers as to which drinking water treatment system will best fit their needs.

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In January, 2000, ESD established Distributorship rights with H2O International, Inc. The superior quality, reasonable cost and range of product line was key in ESD selecting H2O International as manufacturer of choice for residential, office, institutional and industrial drinking water and other water treatment systems. Since then, ESD has expanded its offerings to include other top quality brands, system designs and water treatment processes.

Our Product Return, Warranty and Privacy Policies are simple:
Product Returns: If you are not satisfied with the product/s you order from ESD, we will refund your purchase price minus a 8.5% restocking fee (min. $5.00) upon: a) Notification to ESD of intent to return the product/s, and b) Receipt of the undamaged and unused product/s shipped back to ESD at customer’s expense. This is a 30-day guarantee of absolute customer satisfaction. If customer receives product/s that were damaged in shipment, customer must immediately notify the carrier and ESD that the shipment arrived damaged. We will arrange the return shipping coverage and the manufacturer will replace the damaged product/s at no additional cost to our customer. Other aspects of product service and reliability may be covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Products that prove to be defective immediately upon installation or suffer material failure after a period of service (not due to shipping damage) within the manufacturer’s warranty period may be returned to H2O International or ESD (as directed) at customer’s expense for whatever prorata warranty credit toward replacement may remain on the product. If the manufacturer of the product is H2O International, see a scan of their Warranty Card for the prorata schedule per product model.

Please see our helpful Product Return Guidelines page and contact us before returning any product.

Unauthorized Returns or Failure to Accept Delivery — If a product is returned (unauthorized return) because acceptance of delivery was refused due to additional monies being owed for customs taxes or import duty fees, or if the product is returned to ESD because of a bad shipping address, or because the customer was unavailable for delivery, or for any other reason attributable to the customer’s unauthorized return of a product, ESD will charge the customer’s credit card that was used for the purchase the exact amount of the return shipping cost. A scanned copy of the receipt for the return shiping cost will be provided upon request.

By ordering from ESD, all international (non-CONUS) customers do thereby agree to these terms and pre-authorize the credit card charge for any such return shipping cost. ESD shall also retain the right to recoup shipping and any Hazmat fees that were given away as a purchase incentive should the item/s purchased be returned unused by the customer due to a change of mind, buyer’s remorse, etc. Upon receipt, inspection and determination by the manufacturer that the item/s returned to them have been received in resalable condition, such returns will be refunded in full, less any manufacturer’s and ESD’s restocking fees and ESD’s recouping of any shipping and Hazmat fees given away with the original order. Items returned to the manufacturer that are determined to be used, damaged and not in resalable condition shall be refunded according to the manufacturer’s appraisal of their remaining market value, if any.

Warranties: ESD is a Distributor of water treatment products representing numerous different manufacturers, in most cases filling the role of transacting the retail sale with the shipping of the product being accomplished by the manufacturer direct to our ESD customer. Warranties may vary from product-to-product and will be so noted on the display page for each individual product, providing the manufacturer of that product offers a warranty on it. In all events, all warranty and any attributable liability for product failure are between the end user (ESD customer) and that manufacturer and not ESD. We will work with our customers, as advocate, to gain the maximum satisfaction in the event of a warranty claim with a manufacturer, but ESD itself may not be held responsible for honoring the conditions of any manufacturer’s warranty. In sum, ESD places no warranties on any product we may sell. Only the manufacturer may offer a product warranty and as such ESD’s retail customers agree that any liability for product-caused damage will be attributed to the manufacturer and not ESD. In the event the product subject to a warranty claim is manufactured by H2O International, Inc., you can see a scan of the Warranty Card that came with your product to verify the prorata schedule per product model.

Privacy: ESD does not sell, rent or give customer information to anyone — period. The only correspondence you will receive from ESD will be in response to your inquiries, in the course of good customer service, to confirm shipping info, etc. We do not advertise sales and specials to customers via e-mail unless expressly requested. Personal and financial information gathered for the purpose of accepting a customer order is used only to process the order or to contact the customer if there is a problem processing the order. All customer contact and shipping information is stored on secure in-house computer at ESD where no one else has authorized access to it. ESD does not see nor do we retain any record of customer payment information, that all being transacted securely off-site by our payment gateway service. Customer information records may be logged for up to three years or as long as the warranty period of any product offered by ESD. Your privacy and online ordering security are of the utmost importance to us and are hereby assured. Of all considerations, that of our customers comes first.

H2O International Inc.
H2O International, Inc. is a progressive company with experience in manufacturing and marketing its products worldwide.

The superior replacement or supplement to existing technologies for reducing or removing chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria from water.

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