Drinking Water Facts & Fictions

Just How Important is Drinking Water?

Water has been called “the most essential nutrient.” Since creation, the amount of water on this planet has not changed. Every living creature depends on water to survive. A person can live for weeks without food, but only for a few days without water. Almost daily, you can pick up a book or newspaper and read yet another fact emphasizing the significance of drinking water in our lives.
The drinking water systems offered by ESD address this vital need by converting ordinary tap water into drinking water of as pure or better quality than most bottled drinking water. All drinking water systems offered by ESD are bacteriostatic activated carbon dirnking water systems. Intended for use only on municipally treated tap water, ESD drinking water systems delivers high-quality drinking water right at your tap.

Did You Know That:

“Because most food contains a large amount of water, you obtain approximately 3 1/2 cups from what is eaten over the course of a day. Interestingly, the body’s metabolism itself is another source, since — as it makes and uses energy — one of its daily byproducts is about 1/2 cup of water.
So, if you add up your losses (two cups for the lungs, two for sweating, and six for the intestines and kidneys), you come up with a total loss of ten cups … not counting any excess lost through perspiration during exercise. Therefore, taking into account the approximately four cups provided by food and metabolism, the average person needs to drink six to eight cups of water daily just to keep functioning well.”
Mother Earth News

“It’s simple and inexpensive to install a water filter combining coarse filtration (to remove particulates) and activated charcoal, which removes chlorine from the water as it flows through. We think the filtered water tastes delicious — as good as expensive bottled water — and it is ideal for cooking as well. Note that this type of filter does not remove minerals, which have health benefits…” — “Life Extension
“Drinks containing concentrated nutrients, such as milk, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, and salty tomato-based juices, count more as food than drink since they themselves increase your body’s water needs.” — N.Y. Times Guide to Personal Health

“A reduction of 4-5% in body water will result in a decline of 20-30% in work performance.” — N.Y. Times Guide to Personal Health

“An athlete commonly loses four or five quarts (of water) in a practice session.” — “Realities of Nutrition

The connection between chlorinated tap water and serious health problems such as cancer and heart disease may be clearer than advertised. Read this important article on “The Negative Health Effects of Chlorine.” 

Don’t let your body run low of the actual amount of water it needs to function at full capacity. Most people would never dream of not checking their oil in their car, or the coolant in the radiator. With a ESD drinking water system, you can know that you are putting only the good stuff into your body, and considering what our drinking water systems do to improve the taste of tap water, you’ll surely find yourself consuming more drinking water, since drinking water is so much more palatable than straight tap water.

Why pay all the extra to someone else for the use of their drinking water system, and then have to lug the bottled water home in jugs? With your own kitchen sink drinking water system, you’ll be making AT LEAST the same quality of drinking water, if not better, and the only trip and work it takes is to walk to the sink, flick on the special drinking water system tap, and fill your glass or cooking pot.

Read all about the 1950s pseudo-science
that plagues most US communities even today.
And if your community still insists on spiking your
tap water with that toxin, ESD can help.