So, you have a Problem Well

As is sometimes the case, especially with shallow private wells, the contaminations may run the gamut and represent treatable levels of chemical, mineral and biological contaminants. You are not alone.

Having said that, it should be added that you are, in fact, quite alone when it comes to addressing all the water treatment concerns that require a solution. Chances are very good that your water treatment circumstances are unique, so a “shotgun” or “one-size-fits-all” approach is seldom the wise attack.

As such, this key really ends here for you. I could only recommend that you consult with a water treatment professional to analyze and specify the most appropriate, and properly sized, technology/ies to address the whole of your water treatment problems. It may take several different components, each representing a different technology, to address your private well water circumstances as they actually exist. You really don’t want an “off-the-shelf” system that may be appropriate for some, but very well may not be at all appropriate for what contaminants you are dealing with.

In all such cases, an adequate water analysis must be accomplished to know the type and level of biological contamination to be addressed. If you have not already contracted with an independent lab to do a water analysis, ESD is confident in recommending as a trusted and fairly priced water analysis laboratory.

I would invite your call at 1-304-721-8380 to discuss your water disinfection circumstances and to help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective technology to specify for the job. You are also welcome to post me at ESD offers a free half-hour of initial consultation for serious inquiries regarding problem wells and other water treatment needs. — Steve Harrison, owner, Environmental Systems Distributing.