Installer, Plumber, Well Service Company Directory Registration Form

Please use this form to register your service company with ESD. Be sure to check the boxes that apply to your company, whether you offer:
I = INSTALLATIONS of water treatment products (POE and POU systems, filters and other devices)
P = General PLUMBING services
W = Water WELL Services (well digging/drilling, pump supply/servicing, well clean-outs, etc.).

Pending favorable review, your listing will be included in our Services Directory. We estimate that approximately 60-70% of the water treatment sales we transact will be installed by someone other than our end user customer. List your site here and that “someone other” could very well be your company. As a courtesy, we refer all of our customers to our Services Directory after the sale.

Fill out the form and click the “REGISTER” button at the bottom of the page to send it to us. We are usually able to review and include new listings within two business days.

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