Founded in 1984, KDF® is a technological leader in the fluid treatment industry. Beginning with a U.S. patent for KDF® redox alloy media in 1987, the company continues its technological innovation.
KDF® process media are high-purity copper-zinc formulations used in pretreatment, primary treatment, and wastewater applications. KDF® media supplement or replace existing technologies to dramatically extend system life, reduce heavy metals, microorganisms, scale, lower total cost, and decrease maintenance.

Patented KDF® process media are 100 percent recyclable and contain no chemical additives. Hospitals, restaurants, municipal water treatment facilities, and homes rely on KDF® process media to safely reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and bacteria from their water.


August 6, 1992

To the Industry:


This landmark decision confirms the patented KDF® media’s ability to control bacteria, fungus algae and through the natural process of “electrochemical oxidation/reduction”.

The E.P.A.’s KDF® device ruling will have a resounding global impact on the fluid treatment industry. With the recognition of KDF® media’s antimicrobial properties, the KDF® media and KDF® / granulated activated carbon (GAC) combination can be promoted and advertised to its full potential.

The KDF® media’s established benefits, witch serve to extend and enhance the ability of GAC to reduce organics, as well as the KDF® media’s recyclability, usher in a new standard for fluid treatment media. These benefits include: reduction of heavy metals including lead, mercury, etc; reduction of hydrogen sulfide and iron; plus unparalleled Chlorine reduction.

KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. Would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to Primo L. Acernese and staff (Global Environmental Technologies), project technical consultant; and Dr. John Wireman (Biological Research Solutions), scientist and researcher; for their professional and unwavering work on the E.P.A./ KDF® project.

This determination, together with the recent NSF International Official Listing for Health Effects, will enable KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. and its associates to pursue and unlock the full potential of the KDF® discovery, its ramifications for the fluid treatment industry and its ultimate contribution to science.

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Don E. Heskett, President

But what about combining KDF-55 with Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)?

Well, then it gets all the better. Have a look at how nicely these two champion contaminant reduction/removal agents complement each other as a unified water filtration media bed. This is what distinguishes the water filters produced for ESD by H2O International from the balance of the market. A GAC water filter is good, but no all-GAC water filter can compete with a combination KDF-GAC water filter for contaminants reduction.