NSA100S Undersink Water Filter


Here is an actual snip from an email we received

on Monday, 3 March, 2003. Yes, over 14 years ago!  And you think yours might still be good?

I got out of bed this morning to find my kitchen
flooded with water. I found out that my NSA Water Filter had cracked in
the top cap. I wonder if you can help me with this problem. I need another
filter but don’t want another one with the possibility that this can happen
again. What do you suggest?

Unfortunately, that is not the first such inquiry we have
received about this potential “time bomb” water filter or the first report we have received about that actual mess.

And that was way back in 2003!!  This is NOT a problem that is lessened by time. Quite the opposite.

Here’s the scoop — NSA discovered that the blue plastic
dome of their under-sink model 100S water filter will invariably become brittle
with age, thus becoming subject to stress fracture. The dome of some sealed filters
such as the 100S actually does a little flexing when the water is turned
on/off. Try to flex a material that is, or has become, brittle and you will get a stress fracture. If the plastic of that blue dome cracks/fractures, that is rupturing a filter under pressure. It is a flooding situation every bit as much as a water pipe splitting open.

Solution — STOP using the NSA 100S under-sink water filter IMMEDIATELY!

Whether you buy our recommended replacement water filer or not, you should take that NSA 100S water filter out of service (shut off water pressure to it) right now!

Chances are most likely you WILL NOT experience a “leak” from your 100S.  It’ll be a sudden explosive rupture. That’s a filter under pressure so just feature a water pipe splitting open. That’s how probably 98% of them go.

Ideal Solution

Switch to a superior brand of water filter. H2O International now makes a sealed under-sink water filter for ESD that is expressly designed to replace the now antiquated NSA 100S. That’s our ESD-US413 model.

Here is a little at-a-glance comparison chart. See for yourself:

Prone to Rupture with age?
NSA 100S3 years12,000 gallonsyesyes$219.00
ESD-US413 *3 years25,000 gallonsyesNOON SALE
For Less!

* Currently offered with FREE shipping to any destination in the Lower 48 USA. Check display page for current SALE price.

You can tell the NSA 100S from the “newer” (though equally antiquated, but apparently not prone to rupturing) 100SX by noting where the water lines connect to the filter. If there is a line at the top and a line near the base of the filter, that’s the older model 100S. Take it out of service as soon as possible. If both the inlet and the outlet water line attach at the top of the filter, that’s the “newer” 100SX model and you’re reportedly okay regarding any rupturing tendencies — but it’s surely time to replace it.

“I have just read your NSA 100S alert warning bulletin, whilst searching the internet for water filters. Guess what — the same happened to me last Sunday. All of a sudden I heard the sound of gushing water from under the kitchen sink…” — D. Kelly

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