The Well PRO™ Dry Pellet Chlorinator – Residential System

Well Water Treatment

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  • The Well PRO™ Dry Pellet Chlorinator – Residential System


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    Compact, convenient home well water treatment. Well PRO makes sink-staining iron and manganese, pump-clogging bacteria and the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide a thing of the past. This sealed sanitizing system mounts directly over the well, protected by a thermoplastic shell that resists tampering, corrosion and weather damage.

    • Kills bacteria at the wellhead source
    • Eliminates “rotten egg” odor by eliminating sulfate-reducing bacteria
    • Reduces iron and manganese problems by oxidation/precipitation
    • Kills iron bacteria that cause slime, pump and screen clogging, etc.
    • Reliable, consistent dosing with less hassle and maintenance than liquid chlorinators
    • Safe, easy loading of pre-packaged pellets — NO chemicals handling
    • Rugged, weatherproof construction designed for stand-alone outdoor installation
    • Adjustable dosage rate to accommodate any disinfection requirement
    • Water demand operation. Feeds pellets according to well pump kick-on and duration
    • Offered in either 115V and 220V models to match your well pump voltage
    • Covered by the manufacturer’s 18 month Limited Warranty.
  • The Land-O-Matic Dry Pellet Chlorinator – Commercial System


    Looking for chlorine pellets? We offer many different options…Buy now »

    The Land-O-Matic LP-3000 dry pellet chlorinator delivers automatic, economical, pump-to-faucet protection for home and farm well water systems.

    In safety, convenience and performance, the Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator offers many distinct advantages over liquid chlorination systems:

    • Reduced chlorine fumes.
    • There’s no chlorine spillage.
    • There’s no chemical loss through evaporation.
    • Freezing weather won’t affect the pellets.
    • The pellets drop down throughout the well for consistent chlorine dispersal.
    • Highly concentrated, the pellets maintain their chlorination power, so a small quantity lasts a long time.
    • There’s no tedious, time-consuming mixing of new chlorine solutions every two or three weeks.
    • In most cases, there’s no need for costly, space-consuming retention tanks.