The Land-O-Matic® Dry Pellet Chlorinator

Send a simple solution straight to the source.

The Land-O-Matic LP-3000 dry pellet chlorinator treats problem water right in the well.

The Land-O-Matic LP-3000 dry pellet chlorinator delivers automatic, economical, pump-to-faucet protection for home and farm well water systems.

From clogged pumps and stained fixtures, to odors, slime and disease-carrying bacteria, most water problems originate in the well. So it just makes good sense to treat these problems at their source . . . right in the well itself.

The Land-O-Matic chlorinator, with its unique dry pellet chlorination, is the most reliable and economical system available today for the automatic chlorination of well water. In the home, the Land-O-Matic chlorinator eliminates nuisance bacteria from potable water. On the farm, it helps prevent the spread of waterborne disease among livestock and poultry. And the Land-O-Matic chlorinator does away with many other unpleasant side effects of untreated well water.

The Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator provides both farm and home with healthier, better-tasting water right from the well, and it’s covered by the Manufacturer’s 18-month Limited Warranty.


The Land-O-Matic chlorinator easily eliminates:

  • Iron bacteria and bacteria-clogged pumps and pipes
  • Stained appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Bad taste and rotten egg odors
  • Nuisance bacteria
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Slime buildup
  • Black water
  • Algae

In safety, convenience and performance, the Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator offers many distinct advantages over liquid chlorination systems:

  • Reduced chlorine fumes.
  • There’s no chlorine spillage.
  • There’s no chemical loss through evaporation.
  • Freezing weather won’t affect the pellets.
  • The pellets drop down throughout the well for consistent chlorine dispersal.
  • Highly concentrated, the pellets maintain their chlorination power, so a small quantity lasts a long time.
  • There’s no tedious, time-consuming mixing of new chlorine solutions every two or three weeks.
  • In most cases, there’s no need for costly, space-consuming retention tanks.

You can review the entire Land-O-Matic “Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual” by clicking HERE.


Electrical Rating

Model LP-3015: 115V 60/50 Hz

LP-3115: 220V 60/50 Hz

Power Requirement

Model LP-3015: 26 watts

LP-3115: 31 watts

Fuse Protected

Model LP-3015: Yes

LP-3115: No

Pellet Feed Rate (Max) 6 pellets/minute
Pellet Storage (Max)  15 pounds (6.8 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 12.5 x 15.3 x 30.5 inches
(31.8 x 38.9 x 77.5 cm)
Shipping Weight 32 pounds (14.5 kg)
Chlorine Pellets

EPA registered: 50510-1
Active ingredient: Calcium
hypochlorite 70%

Inert ingredients: Soluble
material 30%
Available chlorine: 70%
Pellet weight: 0.035 oz. (1 gm)
Pellet size: 3/8 inch diameter x 5/16 inch long (9.5 x 7.9 mm)



Price ea.

LP-3015 (115V) Complete System


LP-3115 (220V) Complete System


Spare / Replacement Parts, Supplies & Accessories

LP 230V Motor Housing Assembly


LP 115V Motor Housing Assembly


Land-O-Matic Pellets. Case of Twenty 2.2 lb. Bags

($9.41/lb.) for 44 lbs.
Includes shipping. NO Hazmat fee.


Need different sized lots of chlorine pellets?
We can now offer them in:

1.0g Pellets in Nine 4.0lb. Jars (36 lbs.)

$404 ($11.22/lb.)

1.0g Pellets in Three 10lb. Jars (30 lbs.)

$348 ($11.60/lb.)

1.0g Pellets in 35 lb. Pail (35 lbs.)

$428 ($12.23/lb.)

Six 5 lb. jars (30 lbs.)

$414 ($13.80/lb.)

Nine 2.2 lb. jars (19.8 lbs.)

$256 ($12.93/lb.)

Six 2.2 lb. jars (13.2 lbs.)

$191 ($14.47/lb.)

Three 2.2 lb. jars (6.6 lbs.)

$132 ($20.00/lb.)

One 2.2 lb. jar

$62.00 ($28.18/lb.)


Pellet Container Assy., Complete, 15 lb. Cap., PNR: 1032487


Miscellaneous Parts and Assemblies
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Add a 9″x48″ Filter w/ Auto Backwash Valve
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Add a US4 Undersink Polishing Filter
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