What is the Best Water Treatment for Well Water?

What is the Best Water Filter for Well Water?

The best well water treatment system is the one that can efficiently remove almost every single contaminant present in the groundwater, such as bacteria and other similar microorganisms, metals (eg. iron), and even unwelcome mineral concentrations (eg. sulfur). That would ensure that you have safe and completely pure water to drink, once a simple water filter is employed to remove the trace of chlorine that is left over from doing its thing to all those contaminants out in the well. Such well water chlorination systems, followed by common water filtration, also enhance the smell and taste of your drinking water by getting rid of minerals like sulfur. These minerals can make the water smell like rotten eggs.

Moreover, the chlorination type of well water treatment systems can prevent corrosion and buildup in appliances and pipes. That helps both last considerably longer and saves you a lot of money on expensive repairs. Therefore, a quality well water treatment system should be considered an important utility to have for your home.

Read on for a thorough review of the best well water treatment system on the market you can buy, along with a detailed buyer’s guide.

Make sure to go through this guide carefully, as it will help you in choosing the most suitable water filter for your particular needs.

Best Well Water Treatment System

The Well PRO™ Dry Pellet Chlorinator (Residential Scale) or the Land-O- Matic Dry Pellet Chlorinator (Commercial Scale) system.

The WellPRO™ Residential scale system

If you are seeking a quality water treatment system for your well water, look no further than the Well PRO Dry Pellet Chlorinator.

This low-profile and extremely compact unit can comfortably and seamlessly blend into any residential landscape. The manufacturers of this well water treatment system have very purposefully designed it for residential usage.

When you have the Well PRO Dry Pellet Chlorinator, you do not have to worry about the sink-staining manganese and iron, the egregious smell of hydrogen sulfide, and the slimy bacteria that can clog your pumps and pipes. This efficiently sealed sanitizing system mounts directly over the well. A thermoplastic shell that resists corrosion, tampering, and severe weather damage protects it.

This well water chlorination system allows you to control all of these contamination issues at the source — inside the well.

Moreover, the concentrated dry chlorine pellets of the Well PRO chlorinator come in heavy-duty containers that are very easy to handle and store. These containers also serve in the capacity of the chlorine pellet hopper as they are designed to mount directly onto the chlorinator’s Power Module itself. You just screw a new container right onto the chlorinator to re-supply chlorine pellets to the WellPRO. In that way, you will never have to directly handle any of the chlorine tablets. In addition, as opposed to liquid chlorination, you won’t have to concern yourself regarding any spills or fumes.

You can rest assured that the Well PRO Dry Pellet Chlorinator will kill all the iron bacteria and other organisms that lead to slime buildup which would invariably result in screen and pump clogging — and other nasty problems.

The following is a summary of the pros and cons of this well water treatment system.


  • Weatherproof, rugged, and reliable construction
  • Efficiently kills bacteria at the well source itself
  • Drops inorganic (metals and minerals) to the bottom of the well, down below the submersible pump
  • Thanks to the prepackaged pellets, there is no need for you to handle any chemicals directly


  • Depending on water consumption demand, there will be the occasional need to replace the consumed jar of chlorine pellets with a full one. On average, around every 4-6 weeks. Again, that’s determined by the water usage demand as the WellPRO dry pellet chlorinator only chlorinates ON DEMAND.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Well Water Treatment System

So the important question is, how do you choose the best well water treatment system for your needs. There is no doubt that it can be quite a big decision to choose the ideal water filtration system for your requirements. In order to do so, you should have the right knowledge so you can make a wise choice.

The following are the most important considerations you need to make when buying the best well water treatment system.

  • Available Space You Have
    Space availability is one of the most crucial considerations you need to make before you purchase a well water treatment system. There happen to be several different types of well water treatment systems available in the market. Some of these appliances occupy more space than others. Water filtration systems that have multiple add-ons and filters will require a lot of room. That is particularly true if you need regular maintenance. Make sure that you carefully measure the available space you have prior to purchasing a certain unit. You would not want to buy a filter larger than the available space.
  • Maintenance Requirements
    Contingent on the kind of well water treatment system that you opt for, you will have to consider different maintenance requirements. Any water filtration system that features a filter will need additional work to make filter replacements. You need to make these replacements often after 8 to 12 months of usage. Although this is not extensive maintenance, new well water treatment systems do come at a certain expense.Residential well water systems that do not make use of filters usually perform their own maintenance (automated,) such as system flushes. In the long run, they also need less frequent maintenance.
  • Installation
    You (the customer) can install some of the well water treatment systems. However, a few manufacturers of these filters highly recommend that you engage the services of a professional plumber who has experience in such installation. The ideal means to determine the installation difficultly is to peruse a number of consumer reviews. If most of the customers are able to competently install their well water filtration system themselves, you may assume you can do it too! In this way, you will not have to fork out any extra cash for professional filter installation. If you have a modest budget, it is likely in your best interests that you look for a well water treatment system unit that you can easily install yourself.
  • Water Pressure
    It is important that you have a full understanding of how your well water system functions and how this will impact the pressure of your water. You need to be aware of all of this to make sure that you purchase the ideal well water treatment system for your requirements. In addition, a filter’s flow rate measured in gallons per minute will assist you in determining how swiftly it will send water to all appliances in your home. You require a well water treatment system that will not bring about a distinct pressure decline. Moreover, the filter should have a considerably high flow rate to pass water via your plumbing at a quick rate.
  • Certifications
    There are several different professional certifications that a well water treatment system can have. This is mainly dependant on the elements in the filter system and the advantages that this filter provides its users. If a 3rd party has tested a certain water filter to fulfill NSF Standards, or if the NSF itself has certified the product, then that’s a good sign for you! That is because you will know for sure that the well water treatment system does exactly what it claims to do. While a water filter lacking any professional certifications might still function, it is probably best to select a certified filter so that you get peace of mind.


Why do you Require a Water Filter for Well Water?

You should know that the Environmental Protection Agency does not test the well water in the United States of America. What that means is that you do not have any concrete 3rd-party proof of the quality of your water and that it is completely safe to drink. There are considerable chances that it is not!

If you are drinking water from a private well, you might be ingesting parasites, bacteria, and other lethal microorganisms that can make you fall ill. The water most probably also comprises certain minerals that have seeped into the water. These minerals include sulfur, manganese, iron, and heavy metals. There is no doubt that these contaminants are very harmful to consume in big doses. In fact, even in small doses, they can impact the appearance, taste, odor, and overall quality of water.

An efficient well water filter can easily trap these dangerous contaminants present in your water. That allows you to access much fresher and cleaner drinking water for your entire house!

How to Select the Correct-Sized Well Water Treatment System?

Your well water filter system is primarily dependent on the water needs of your family. Typically, the bigger the water filter, the greater the flow rate. A greater flow rate enables water to move at a quicker speed to all the appliances in your home.

If you have a big house with several bathrooms and four or more equipment running simultaneously, you will gain a lot from a larger well water filter. This will make sure that the flow rate of your water is sufficiently high to enable your showers and faucets to perform perfectly simultaneously.

A 4.5 inch by 20 inch well water filter is the most common size for large and medium-sized families. The filtration system can go bigger than this, particularly with certain add-ons such as UV lamps. It would be prudent to reach out to a water filter expert regarding your needs if you are not certain. Most of the manufacturers gladly support their representatives to speak to you regarding their array of products if it might culminate in a purchase.

What are some of the Best Well Water Treatment Systems for Your Home?

The following are some of the most efficient well water treatment system systems for your residential property.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Many experts agree that Reverse Osmosis is the best of all well water treatment systems. It is quite common these days since it can remove all the different contaminant types effectively from your water. These contaminants are dangerous to your health and those of your loved family members. Reverse Osmosis is a very efficient treatment against any kind of pollution in the supply of your water. The final result of this well water treatment system process leads to odor-free, clear, and clean water.

  • Activated Carbon Filters

    Activated carbon filters are popularly known as carbon filters or pre-filters. They are undeniably an excellent way of getting rid of big particles like silt and sediments from your well water. They function by first drawing and then soaking up these contaminants in the filter. That would eliminate their dangerous presence from the cooking and drinking water that comes out from your faucet.

    In addition, activated carbon filters also assist in removing the sour taste of chlorine as well as the several residual odors from your water supply. It is crucial to always bear in mind that the lesser the contamination, the healthier and purer the water. Many people also consider activated carbon filters to be the most economical means of removing iron from well water.

  • Ultra Violet Filters

    These happen to be very innovative filters and are the latest technologies in the market of well water filtration systems. Powerful ultraviolet radiation can assist in treating water easily by decimating the several bacteria that can prove to be detrimental to your health and everyone else living in your house.

    If you are an environmentalist and seek an environmentally friendly means of purifying your well water supply, this ultraviolet filter can just be the solution you were looking for all of your issues. That is because it does not require any heat energy or chemicals to be effective.

Bottom Line

To summarize, there is no denying that owning a private well in your residential property can be a splendid way to supply your house with clean and fresh water. However, making sure that the water is always completely safe can be quite challenging. That is precisely why you need to have the best well water treatment system available in the market, such as the Well PRO Dry Pellet Chlorinator.

Thanks to this quality Well Water Treatment System, you can efficiently block out all kinds of contaminants in your well water before they come into your home.

Moreover, if you are uncertain regarding your well water’s quality, it is vital that you get it tested by a professional. That would allow you to buy the best well water treatment system depending on any contamination that is present in your water. Keep in mind that the health of your family depends on it! Just make sure that you do your due diligence first and consider the important features of different filter units before selecting the one that meets your needs best.

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