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The Smart Solution H2O Chlorination "Well Pro" Dry Pellet Chlorinator
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The Well PRO™ Dry Pellet Chlorinator
dry pellet chlorination Kills bacteria at the wellhead source
well water disinfection Eliminates "rotten egg" odor by eliminating sulfate-reducing bacteria
reduces iron and manganese Reduces iron and manganese problems by oxidation/precipitation
kills iron bacteria and sulfur reducing bacteria Kills iron bacteria that cause slime, pump and screen clogging, etc.
kills fecal coliform and reduces total coliform bacteria Reliable, consistent dosing with less hassle and maintenance than liquid chlorinators
oxidizes iron and sulfur Safe, easy loading of pre-packaged pellets -- NO chemicals handling
purifies and disinfects well water Rugged, weatherproof construction designed for stand-alone outdoor installation
dry chlorine pellets Adjustable dosage rate to accommodate any disinfection requirement
problem well solutions Water demand operation. Feeds pellets according to well pump kick-on and duration
problem well solutions Offered in either 115V and 220V models to match your well pump voltage

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The Well PRO
Dry Pellet

The first compact low-profile, dry pellet chlorinator for home well water needs. Foul-smelling, corrosive hydrogen sulfide. Sink-staining iron and manganese. Slime-causing, pump-clogging iron bacteria. These are unpleasant, and potentially costly, facts of life in many residential water wells.

Now, the Well PRO dry pellet chlorinator lets you control these problems at their source (in the well itself) with a compact, low-profile unit that blends comfortably into any home landscape. Designed specifically for residential use, the Well PRO chlorinator maintains your yard's aesthetics.

The Well PRO chlorinator is constructed of rugged, matte-black thermoplastic to resist corrosion from chlorine or the weather and mounts directly over your well for minimum intrusion on your landscape design.

Safe, simple, fast loading with prepackaged Well PRO pellets
The Well PRO chlorinator's highly concentrated dry chlorine pellets come in easy-to-store, easy-to-handle 3 1/2-pound containers that actually serve as the chlorine hopper. Each new container is simply screwed right into the chlorinator to replenish the chlorine supply, so you never need to handle any chemicals directly. And there are no fumes or spills to worry about. After opening the Well PRO chlorinator's protective cover, remove the power module and unscrew the cap from a full container of Well PRO pellets. Screw the power module directly onto the full pellet container. Insert the power module/pellet container assembly in the the Well PRO chlorinator protective housing and replace the cover.


Orders for delivery to Canada must incur actual shipping costs.
We add nothing to the shipping cost, it all being paid to the carrier.
We will advise you of the shipping cost, for your approval/cancellation,
before processing your credit card for the order.
All monetary figures are in US Dollars (USD). Currency converter here.
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Qty. Price  Item
 $1,586.00 WP-1 - With auto shut-off  (115V)
 $1,586.00 WP-2 - Without auto shut-off  (115V)
 $1,586.00 WP-3 - With auto shut-off  (220V)
 $1,586.00 WP-4 - Without auto shut-off  (220V)
Starter Case
Pellets. Case of nine 3.5 lb. bottles
Includes Canadian GST/HST (Hazmat) fee.
 $485.00 Power Module -- Lightning does strike on occasion. If your Well Pro has been fried, chances are all you need to replace is the Power Module.
Enter quantity on the left and check the model below:
WP-1  WP-2  WP-3  WP-4
 $35.00 6 Hole Pellet Plate, PNR: 1032234


Typical Installation Scheme
Build your own system as depicted in the schematic above, or otherwise, and realize HUGE discounts when ordered as components to a multi-component system. Discounts apply only when combined with a Well PRO unit.
Qty. Price  Item
 $770 Add a 7"x44" Filter w/ Auto Backwash Valve
10% off current list price.
 $944 Add a 9"x48" Filter w/ Auto Backwash Valve
10% off current list price.
 $838 Add a 30,000 Grain Water Softener
15% off current list price.
 $950 Add a 45,000 Grain Water Softener
15% off current list price.
 $1,182 Add a 60,000 Grain Water Softener
15% off current list price.
 $187 Add a US4 Undersink Polishing Filter
10% off already discounted list price.
 $367 Add a 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System
10% off already discounted list price.

Be sure you've also selected which Well PRO unit you are
combining with any component in the table above
before clicking the "Add To Shopping Cart" button.


Design simplicity ensures trouble-free performance

Designed specifically for outside installation, the Well PRO chlorinator's rugged weatherproof construction ensures reliable, uninterrupted operation in any weather. Easy to install and easy to service if necessary, the Well PRO chlorinator features precision-tooled, injection-molded components, few moving parts and a full array of performance features.
  • The plug-in power module is completely encapsulated in polyurethane foam to protect it from chlorine corrosion and requires no routine servicing or maintenance.
  • The rugged drive motor turns on and off according to water demand to maintain a consistent chlorine residual in the water.
  • The adjustable dosage rate makes the Well PRO chlorinator adaptable to a wide range of water problems and water usage characteristics.
  • System operation based on water usage. The Well PRO chlorinator is energized only when the well pump operates. Chlorine consumption is minimized and chlorination efficiency is maximized.
  • An automatic shutoff device prevents overchlorination if the well pump remains on for an extended period. 
  • To reduce pellet drop rate lower than system settings, see our pellet plate modification page.


With weatherproof cover removed 

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Special Features Safety feature (WP1 and WP3): If the
well pump runs for 15
continuous minutes
the Well PRO will
shut off.
Pellet Feed Rate (Max) 3 pellets/minute
Pellet Storage (Max) 3-1/2 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 34 x 11 x 8 inches (86 x 28 x 20 cm)
Shipping Weight 12 pounds (5.4 kg)
Chlorine Pellets EPA registered: 50510-1
Active Ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite (70% Available Chlorine)
Pellet Weight: 0.79g (0.28oz.)
One 3.5 lb. bottle of pellets should last approximately 4 weeks under normal operating conditions.

NOTE: these pellets are shaped and weighted to work with the Well Pro system only. Be sure that's what you have before ordering pellets. Must ship as a HAZMAT. Shipping cost for non-warrantable returns of pellets and Well Pro units entirely at customer's expense. Warrantable return shipping cost will be reimbursed. Returns subject to 10% restocking fee exept for warranty or shipping damage claims.


In nearly all circumstances, it is advisable to consider doing a "shock treatment" on a well that has never been chlorinated or on a system you know needs disinfected. The Well Pro will do an excellent job of chlorinating at a "maintenance" level, but there is a better (and cheaper) way to go about performing a shock chlorination of your system than by using these dry chlorine pellets. As a courtesy, we have copied part of a university agricultural extension office's instructions on how to do a shock chlorination on your well and household plumbing using ordinary household bleach. Click HERE to read those detailed instructions. [We'll open that link in a separate browser window so you don't lose your place here.]


You can reference the "Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual" in .pdf format.

Shipping turn-around time between order and delivery is right at one week to most points in the USA. If shipment includes chlorine pellets, which must ship as a "hazmat," that can cause some delay on the part of the carrier. We have no control over carrier (UPS) schedules.

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