Residential and Commercial Dry Pellet Chlorinators Well Water Treatment Systems For Private Wells

We know how important water quality is to you and your family. ESD Water specializes in drinking water systems, water filters, and other water treatment system for every budget since 1987.


The smart, economical, efficient and labor-saving way to automatically purge private wells of iron,
iron bacteria, sulfur, manganese and other noxious and even dangerous well water contaminants.

The Well Pro® Dry Pellet Chlorinator

Appropriate sized system for most residential applications.
The world’s most popular and practical dry pellet chlorinator.

The Well PRO chlorinator is the first compact, low-profile dry pellet chlorinator designed especially for residential water needs. It is designed to eliminate unpleasant and potentially costly water problems such as foul-smelling, corrosive hydrogen sulfide, sink-staining iron and manganese as well as that slimy, pump-clogging iron bacteria. The result is a cleaner, more efficient water system that requires less energy and maintenance while producing refreshing, odor-free water.

The Land-O-Matic® Dry Pellet Chlorinator

For agricultural, institutional or small community applications.
High capacity dry pellet chlorinator.

An essential part of a total herd health management program, the Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator delivers sanitized water solutions for agricultural and small community applications. Utilizing a dry pellet chlorination system to treat water contaminants at the source, the Land-O-Matic chlorinator is designed to effectively eliminate E. coli, parasites, viruses, organic scum, algae, iron slime and other biological contaminants. The Land-O-Matic chlorinator (LP-3000) helps dairy farms and cattle ranches increase profits by providing safer, more palatable drinking water.