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The Land-O-Matic LP-3000® Dry Pellet Chlorinator

GE Osmonics Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator

Send a simple solution straight to the source.

The Land-O-Matic LP-3000 dry pellet chlorinator treats problem water right in the well.

The Land-O-Matic LP-3000 dry pellet chlorinator delivers automatic, economical, pump-to-faucet protection for home and farm well water systems.

From clogged pumps and stained fixtures, to odors, slime and disease-carrying bacteria, most water problems originate in the well. So it just makes good sense to treat these problems at their source . . . right in the well itself.

The Land-O-Matic chlorinator, with its unique dry pellet chlorination, is the most reliable and economical system available today for the automatic chlorination of well water. In the home, the Land-O-Matic chlorinator eliminates nuisance bacteria from potable water. On the farm, it helps prevent the spread of waterborne disease among livestock and poultry. And the Land-O-Matic chlorinator does away with many other unpleasant side effects of untreated well water.

The Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator provides both farm and home with healthier, better-tasting water right from the well, and it's covered by the Manufacturer's 18-month Limited Warranty.

Dry Pellet
God Bless the USA Water disinfection by chlorination

The Land-O-Matic chlorinator easily eliminates:

  • Iron bacteria and bacteria-clogged pumps and pipes
  • Stained appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • Bad taste and rotten egg odors
  • Nuisance bacteria
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Slime buildup
  • Black water
  • Algae
Well water chlorinators.

In safety, convenience and performance, the Land-O-Matic dry pellet chlorinator offers many distinct advantages over liquid chlorination systems:

  • Reduced chlorine fumes.
  • There's no chlorine spillage.
  • There's no chemical loss through evaporation.
  • Freezing weather won't affect the pellets.
  • The pellets drop down throughout the well for consistent chlorine dispersal.
  • Highly concentrated, the pellets maintain their chlorination power, so a small quantity lasts a long time.
  • There's no tedious, time-consuming mixing of new chlorine solutions every two or three weeks.
  • In most cases, there's no need for costly, space-consuming retention tanks.
  • You can review the entire Land-O-Matic "Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual" by clicking HERE.

    Model LP-3015 LP-3115 Chlorine Pellets
    Electrical Rating 115V 60/50 Hz 220V 60/50 Hz EPA registered: 50510-1
    Active ingredient: Calcium
    hypochlorite 70%
    Power Requirement 26 watts 31 watts
    Fuse Protected Yes No
    Pellet Feed Rate (Max) 6 pellets/minute Inert ingredients: Soluble
    material 30%
    Available chlorine: 70%
    Pellet weight: 0.035 oz. (1 gm)
    Pellet size: 3/8 inch diameter x 5/16 inch long (9.5 x 7.9 mm)
    Pellet Storage (Max) 15 pounds (6.8 kg)
    Shipping Dimensions 12.5 x 15.3 x 30.5 inches
    (31.8 x 38.9 x 77.5 cm)
    Shipping Weight 32 pounds (14.5 kg)

    On orders totalling $50 or more
    Lower 48 USA States Only

    Orders for shipment to CANADA must be placed on a different order page.
    Please click
    >> HERE << for that order page.


    Qty. Price  Item

     $1,190.00   LP-3015 (115V) Complete System

     $1,190.00   LP-3115 (220V) Complete System
    Spare / Replacement Parts, Supplies & Accessories

    230 V.

    115 V.

      LP Motor Housing Assembly
    Lightning does strike on occasion. Along with the Motor Housing Assembly, this nearly always necessitates the replacement of the Clutch Assembly (PRN 1032914) as well. Sold separately, $170.00, but check the box to include the Clutch Assembly with the Motor Housing Assembly and you'll only pay the wholesale cost of $80.00.

    Enter quantity on the left and check the voltage model below:
    230V Motor Housing Assy.   115V Motor Housing Assy.

    Land-O-Matic Pellets. Case of Twenty 2.2 lb. Bags  ($9.40/lb.) for 44 lbs.
    Includes shipping. NO Hazmat fee.

    Need different sized lots of chlorine pellets?
    We can now offer them in:

     Qty:  1.0g Pellets in Nine 4.0lb. Jars (36 lbs.) for $404 ($11.22/lb.)
     Qty:  1.0g Pellets in Three 10lb. Jars (30 lbs.) for $348 ($11.60/lb.)
     Qty:  1.0g Pellets in 35 lb. Pail (35 lbs.) for $428 ($12.23/lb.)
     Qty:  Six 5 lb. jars (30 lbs.) for $414 ($13.80/lb.)
     Qty:  Nine 2.2 lb. jars (19.8 lbs.) for $256 ($12.93/lb.)
     Qty:  Six 2.2 lb. jars (13.2 lbs.) for $191 ($14.47/lb.)
     Qty:  Three 2.2 lb. jars (6.6 lbs.) for $132 ($20.00/lb.)
     Qty:  One 2.2 lb. jar for $62.00 ($28.18/lb.)
     $397.00 Pellet Container Assy., Complete, 15 lb. Cap., PNR: 1032487
    Miscellaneous Parts and Assemblies
    Please include Part Number/s
    Link to Parts Manual. Opens in separate window/tab.
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    Configure your own system and realize HUGE SAVINGS
    when ordered as components to a multi-component system.
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    Qty. Price  Item
     $1,132 Add a 9"x48" Filter w/ Auto Backwash Valve
    10% off current list price.
     $222.00 Add a US4 Undersink Polishing Filter
    10% off already discounted list price.

    Be sure you've also selected which Land-O-Matic unit you are
    combining with any component in the table above
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